Secret Rules for the Hottest Overnight Escort Date!

There are countless benefits to dating an escort, and booking an overnight stay is one of them. Spending the night with an escort is more than just an hour or two at a hotel room, and gives you almost a feel of the Girlfriend Experience. The intimacy in spending a night together with your escort is desirable and pleasing, so sending the right message is colossal.

So, if you are looking forward to a hell of an overnight date with a steamy escort, here are the rules to know!

1. Discretion First on your Overnight Escort!

When your escort is staying over, it is always advised you keep it to yourself, as it guarantees a higher discretion. If you love your privacy, let your trysts be for your eyes and ears only.

2. Food Options

Although your escort won’t ask you for it, ordering in or taking her out to a dinner date is a power gentleman’s move. Heck, offering breakfast won’t hurt either, but it is not as crucial as your late-night treat.   

3. Shower Available for your Overnight Escort!

Your escort might want to take a shower after your fiery party or do so in the morning. In any case, make your bathroom date-ready and set a few clean towels and a spare toothbrush. Manners speak for themselves, trust me.

4. Money

Paying your escort up front, whether for an overnight date or an hour-long date, is the best way to go. Also, be mindful not to hand her over the money, but leave them where she will find and count them. And another thing, your generous tip for the morning. She’ll appreciate it. 

5. Give Her Room on you overnight escort!

An overnight date means your escort has to feel comfortable and at home, whether it is in a hotel room or your home. Therefore, let her be the first to wake up and head to the bathroom in the morning. The morning after is a wonderful place to be, so don’t rush your pleasures just yet…they’ll come on their own.

6. No Need for Awkwardness

An overnight date will only be awkward if you make it. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and let the morning flow as usual. No escort comes without experience so let her lead the course of your morning.

7. Let Your Phone Be

You’ll check your emails later. You’ll call your friends later. You have the entire day to spend on your phone, so don’t make it a morning ritual when a gorgeous escort is lying by your side. The same goes for watching TV first thing in the morning, too.


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