5 Raunchy Items to Maximize Your Sensual-Sensory Play!

Nothing evokes eroticism and sensuality more than your senses. As humans, our senses are quite crucial to the way we process sexual pleasure. Even more intriguingly, your senses can actually be triggered in order to deliver greater erotic satisfaction. Creating sensory play in bed is a superb tool in discovering how your body reacts to stimulation and arousal that doesn’t involve actual penetration.

If you are open to exploring the threshold of pleasure, there are a few tools that can help you make the most of your experience.

Below, we list 5 of them.

1. Candles

Wax play is no news to the world of sexual sensory play and can be used in various ways, too. For one, wax drops can serve as a way to tease every part of your body with caution. If used rightfully, liquefied wax won’t burn or hurt your skin but will definitely cause those tickling goosebumps you love. Need a greater boost for your wax play? Try using a blindfold and leave your mind to explore the new sensation on its own.

2. Paddles

Impact play is another form of sensory play and involves a physical impact on the body with controlled intensity. While it can seem uncomfortable if you do it right, impact play can be a getaway trick to even bigger arousal. The safest way to use impact play in bed is to start with light impact tools, such as paddles in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing to remember in impact play is to use specially impact-play designed toys that won’t leave a mark but deliver that oh-so-good stimulation.

3. Wartenberg Wheels

Spikey and easy-going, the Wartenberg wheel is a very recommended toy to use for sensory play. The best thing about this toy is that you can use it all over the body and with different pressure and intensity. From tickling sensations to scratching and teasing, this little tool is among the safest and naughtiest out there.

4. Temperature Play

Wax play can easily belong to the temperature play-group, but there are also other forms to use temperature for arousal. For instance, you can use anything from ice cubes and wax as a mix of temperature extremes, or you can turn to your favourite toys for assistance. For example, you can use stainless-steel or glass sex toys, which retain temperature and give your body the sexy kick it needs. 

5. Erotica Audiobooks

When it comes to hearing, erotic audiobooks do your senses a great, great favour. Listening to erotic stories can seem a bit cheesy but it is actually a great way to pay bigger focus on your pleasure and get in the mood for all your naughty affairs.

Source: https://www.self.com/story/sensation-play-toys

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