6 Ways to Make Your Home Escort-Friendly!

A private outcall with an escort must be one of the most intimate and satisfying experiences to enjoy. However, if you are inviting an escort to your home, a question begs to be asked- is your space date-ready?

Creating that intimate and sultry vibe in your home might sound like a stretch but it isn’t. If you want your date to be as comfortable in your home as you are, these 6 heaven-sent tips will help you do the sexy makeover your bedroom needs.

1. Declutter

One of the biggest mood killers of sex is a chaotic space, which is why you need to declutter your bedroom before your date arrives. From socks hanging around the place to dishes in the sink and your bedding- pile up the excess and clean up the junk. 

2. Light Makes a Difference

You might not have given it a second thought but light plays a great role in creating a seductive and inviting ambient. While you don’t have to change your entire lighting for your escort date, bringing in a dimmed night lamp or lighting candles can be a great way to set the tone.

3. Colours

Colours are another contributor to your sexy mood, and playing with shades and options can really enhance your feel-good vibe. That said, soothing and sexy bedding, such as dark-and-creamy silk or velvet can really emphasize your room and call for lots of sexiness.

4. Music

A really practical way to set the tone for your escort date is to create a naughty playlist of all your favourite tunes. With that, ensure the music your play is discreet and audible at the same time, as you both want to be aroused by the music and keep it low enough to enjoy your own sounds of pleasure.

5. Smells

Last but not least, escorts always appreciate a home that smells nice and activates the senses. Aside from aromatic candles, which are a great option, by the way, you can also use essential oils, flavoured lubes, and even spicy treats to serve as aphrodisiacs. When choosing your scents, try picking more pleasant and non-invasive ones, including lavender, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla.

6. A Clean Shower

After all is said and done (and sometimes as part of your foreplay) your escort might want to take a shower. That said, keep your bathroom spotless and ensure you have a spare towel for your date to use.

Source: https://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/2093919/home-decor-tips-reinvigorate-your-sex-life/

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