7 Tips for Insanely Good Oral Pleasure!

If you are dating a professional escort for intimate purposes, then oral pleasure has to make it on your sex bucket list. Experienced and upper-skilled, escorts serve oral pleasure like no other. To get the most of your experience, however, these are 7 clever tips that will always work.

1. Precise Directions

No one, not even your escort is a mind reader, so when receiving your oral pleasure, ensure you are direct and instructive. Let your escort know what to keep doing and what to change and have her do the same when you change the roles.

2. Say What You Love

Instead of just ordering your escort around, suggest a thing she does that you love. If it is a certain angle or a technique, asking is always better than telling, and when you add a compliment to it, t sounds even better.

3. Let Her Have Fun

On one level or another, all men love when a woman can work hard for their pleasure. When with an escort, let her freely approach you and get the mood going. Sometimes, just watching your date work her magic can be arousing enough. 

4. Foreplay

Although oral sex counts as foreplay, you also want to enhance the game and bring something different to it. For instance, while your escort is busy pleasing you, talk dirty to position yourselves in a 69 so you can get a taste of the pleasure, too.

5. Pressure is Important

Pressure makes oral sex feel that much better, but you should go overboard with it. If you are into erotic massages, ask your escort to have a go and explore your hidden pleasure points. Plus, in oral sex, you don’t want to just go for the main treat but have to also stimulate the surrounding areas, if you know what I mean.

6. Props

Aside from just being served with oral sex, you should also experiment with other stimulators. For instance, sex toys and vibrating rings always bring that additional vibe that keeps you horny and aroused. Together with these, you can also play with a silk scarf, temperature play, or even BDSM.

7. Versatility

Don’t wait for your escort to start and finish without putting something else on the table. For the best oral, you have to properly build the passion and chemistry and find the momentum. All of that comes from being creative during the act, so begin by exploring the ultimate oral pleasure positions or switching up the location of the happening.  

Source: https://www.redbookmag.com/love-sex/sex/a46357/get-better-oral/

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