Escort Dates: 4 Important Considerations to Remember!

Dating an escort is a pretty straightforward experience. In the most basic of terms, the client likes an escort and a particular service she offers, then he books that escort and service, and voila, the date has been set. Well, let’s start by saying there are various different types of dates you can attend with an escort.

As proper etiquette is due in each service type you book, here 4 key pointers to make for a sublime escort date - no matter the occasion, place or time.


Should you decide to take your escort date out for snacks, a lunch or a fancy dinner date, food is a must to contemplate and discuss. On one hand, you shouldn’t order anything on your escort’s behalf. The best way to go about it is to ask your escort which dishes she’s comfortable with. Sometimes, an escort might be allergic to certain foods like cheese, chocolate, and/or nuts, among others, so asking can help prevent a misunderstanding. The same goes for dairy products, as some escorts may not be tolerant of lactose-rich products. Finally, there are escorts who are also vegan or vegetarian, which is yet another consideration to discuss.


The same goes more or less with drinks. On one hand, you may want to have a sip of alcohol, but your escort might not be an alcohol consumer at all. Sometimes, escorts will be social drinkers, just so you can have some company in sipping your cocktail, but that is not always the case. That said, it is best that your escort decides on her own drink.


Where you’ll meet sets the tone for your date in various ways. One, a low-key setting requires proper readiness for the date - from hygiene to booking a hotel room, and more. If you are out and about, then there is certainly a dress code of sorts to uphold. No matter where you go with your escort, always ensure that your service and all details around it are carried out to perfection and in accordance with the location you’re at.

4.Escort’s Feelings

This might be one of the biggest alerts to keep in mind when dating an escort. Yes, this is your service, and you’ve paid for it, however, even so, this does not mean you can get away with poor behaviour. Escorts love a client who flirts, teases, plays, relaxes and has fun with them, compared to clients who are careless of their feelings and who are keen on being rude for no good reason.

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