How to Choose the Best Lubricant for You?

Using a lubricant during sex has just recently become a widely accepted practice among couples. For years, there has been an assumption that lubs are used only when playing with sex toys or masturbating. Wrong! Lubricants are so much more than just an addition to your sex life they are the foundation of the feel-good factor that makes sex…just better. Used before; during, and after sex, lubricants can help you create a delicious and souring sensation leading to many rewarding orgasms!

How to choose the proper lubricant, though?

Well, depending on what you have in mind; here are several things you should keep in mind when choosing a lubricant for your steamy date.

1. Water-based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are the most present on the market and the more versatile ones. The lubs are great for all sexual activities and are quite popular among men and women. Affordable, practical, and leaving no stains behind; just a little bit of your water-based lubricant will be enough to enforce proper stimulation. Another great plus to water-based lubes is that they go well with silicone toys, latex condoms; and diaphragms and provide a natural ‘wet’ sensation for both parties.

Water-based lubricants are easily absorbed in the vagina (which is completely okay!) and are easy to wash off after being used.

2. Oil-based Lubricants

Oil-based lub are more lasting, and smoother than water-based lubes. Also, they are thicker and creamier which means they will last you the longest in bed. Typically, oil-based lubes are a great choice for your solo sessions and are not compatible with latex preservatives. However, they make a good combination when used with water-based lub, so don’t be shy to mix things up!

3. Silicone Lubricants

Just like oil-based lubricants, silicone ones last longer if not more than the first. A great aspect to silicone lubes is that they work well in water but are not compatible to use with silicone toys (sorry, name references don’t matter in this case). However, the best thing about silicone lubs is that they do not contain any preservatives and are deeply moisturizing and dermatologically cleared.

4. Petroleum-Based Products

Even though petroleum-based lubrication products are out there, it is advised you avoid using these for several reasons. Typically, these are difficult to wash off and can irritate the skin and even interfere with the vagina’s natural pH levels. Another big ‘no’ for petroleum-based products is that they do not work at all with condoms and other latex products.

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