5 Sexy Movies to Watch Instead of ‘Your Usual’

Tired of what adult movies bring to the table? Why not give some super-steamy movies a chance? Perfect for solo evenings in your bed or a date night in front of the TV; sexy movies can satisfy all your fantasies and needs!

What to watch, you ask? Here are 5 erotic movies that will get you in the right mood!

If You Love Threesomes, Chemistry, and Adventure:

Sexy Movies: Love!

Not conventional in the romantic kind of way, Love is a movie that pushes the boundaries of what constitutes great erotica. With some threesome scenes to get your heart racing and some up-close shots; this daring little movie will have you digging deep into a world of insatiable lust, possibilities and the idea of love versus attraction.

If You Love Newness, Marriage Sex, and Firsts

The Overnight!

What happens when a couple with semi-decent sex life meets a next-door couple who doesn’t mind some company? Done is a highly elegant and thought-provoking fashion; The Overnight goes deeper into the concepts of monogamy, same-sex crushes, and swinging. With so much hotness on your plate, you are in for a fun ride ahead!

If You Love Thrill and Arousal

Call Me by Your Name!

Although the movie bares a gay story throughout, the chemistry between the actors is out-worldly and deeply sensual. Aside from the sexual thrill and perhaps one of the sexiest kisses you’ve seen on screen; the movie also deals with plenty of other exciting concepts, such as deliberate seduction and mastering the ‘chase’ game. 

If You Love Excitement, Energy and Primal Desires

Sexy Movies: Y Tu Mamá También!

Talk about your sexiest fantasies come to life! The movie revolves around two friends who drive off on a road trip and experience plenty of sexual adventures along the way. You can expect a full burst of burning passion throughout the movie; done in a way that makes sex everything it needs to be- exhilarating, untamed and necessary.

If You Love Real-Life Sexiness

Tell Me You Love Me!

If you want to keep the sexy mood going and learn all about real-life sex; binge Tell Me You Love Me!  This fantastic 10-episode show approaches sex from all angles- in relationships, in marriage, and, in therapy. The series has some seriously delicious sex scenes and some more realistic ones; along with lots of actual problems that couples nowadays face- in the bedroom and out of it.

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