Travelling with Sex Toys: Keeping It Safe and Hot

The logistics of travelling abroad can be quite tiresome to keep in order. If you are headed out for a fun and romantic holiday, sex toys may find their way inside your bag and serve as excellent pleasure boosters during your stay. However, flying to a destination, or even running through a scanner with sex toys can oftentimes be complicated especially if you are not choosing your props wisely.

To ensure that you have your sexy assortment with you when travelling - and glide through security checks with flying colours, here is what to know about travelling with sex toys.

Pick Smart

Although you might have a favourite sex toy you want to bring along for a trip, not all toys will make the final cut. Namely, given metal detectors at airports, bus and train stations, the first thing you want to do is choose the right material that won't cause any raised eyebrows.

That said, non-metal toys, like those made of silicone, wood and plastic can be more suitable to carry with you. Also, think about the appearance of the sex toy you have. If the toy looks like it could be used as a weapon, it won't make it to the other side of the scanner. Round, flat and thin toys, on the other hand, which don't require too much motorics or electronics to work, will be more discrete and travel-friendly options.

Remove Batteries

Even if your sex toys are battery- rather than electricity-operated, you ought to remove the batteries ahead of time. Typically, some aeroplane terminals forbid carrying batteries whatsoever, so it's best you equip yourself with batteries once you arrive at your destination.

On the other hand, if the toy you want to carry is rechargeable, ensure you charge it prior to your flight.

Accessibility and Protection

When travelling with sex toys, you want to keep your props safe and discrete, as well as protected. Accessibility is important to remember, since airport security may ask you to pull out the toy for inspection. As for safety, keep toys in soft and protective pouches, and ideally keep them in a second, transparent bag, so you minimise others touching the toy too much.

You are Not the First One to Do It

There should be no shame in bringing sex toys with you for an upcoming trip. And whilst you may be asked about a sex toy you have with you, as long as the toy is safe to carry on and packed discreetly, you ought to be fine. That said, leave any lube at home, since many airports don't allow carrying extra liquids.

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