How Can an Escort Help You Beat Bedroom Shame?

Many of the clients who date an escort oftentimes find great freedom in the experience. For escorts, the pleasure of a client always comes first. That said, many clients love the idea of the dating escorts so they can over their bedroom issues. Sexual performance aside, clients oftentimes feel awkward during sex, and even anxious.  

As it turns out, an escort’s job is to help you relax and find a way to your sexier and more confident self. Here’s how escorts help you overcome shyness, reservations or prejudices in sex.

The Source

Every discomfort we face in bed has its own source. With escorts, getting to the root of the problem is the way to solving the issue. Open communication makes a great tool that lets your escort know where the problem lies. Once addressed, your escort will use a few of her own tricks to readjusting your pleasure needs in a way that feels safe and sensual.

Someone Else

A great tip to try when feeling uncomfortable around your escort is to imagine someone else in your place. If the level of awkwardness changes, and you can imagine just what we said, it means you basically that the obstacle is inside your mind. While comparisons are not always the way to go, knowing your escort has had quite a few similar situations before helps you feel more at ease.


Some clients don’t have that natural creativity in bed which leaves them thinking they are not good enough. Before you dwell into the misery of it, let an escort guide the way. Escorts make great dates to learn from and improve and know how to spice things up in the bedroom. If you are willing to learn and overcome your frustration of being unskilled in sex, an escort will gladly help re-shift that perspective.

No Rushing

When you are feeling uncomfortable around an escort or being so sexually open, don’t hurry the experience. Your escort will likely recognize you are feeling unsure of your next move, so she can help slow down the pace and enjoy richer foreplay. Teasing and flirting sometimes make sublime sex assets, so use them to your advantage and let pleasure happen genuinely.


Sexual sounds are great for several reasons and escorts love using them. For one, moaning and groaning make you more focused on sex and less on the mishaps. Two, it gives you the chance to express yourself when pleasure strikes. What more could you ask for?


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