6 Everyday Occasions That Call For Hot Sex!

Together with morning sex and late-night sex, did you know there are seven other times of the day when sex can be quite beneficial? Sex is not only a practice of enjoyment and pleasure, but it is also a useful tool to shake off the stress and get ready for a big event coming up?

It is interesting to see how something seemingly simple as sex can be such a big addition to your emotional and physical health- and all you have to do is make time for it during the day!

Here are 6 occasions during the day that make the perfect excuse to get busy in the bedroom!

Before a Big Presentation!

Sex is an effective tool that helps you distress before a big event, and it also helps lower your blood pressure and keep your focus sharp. Got a big presentation coming up? Take a sexy chill pill and find your release between the sheets before taking the center stage.

Morning Sex!

There is a reason why morning sex is especially beneficial to our wellbeing. For one, you wake up with exercise and pleasure. Two, the estrogen and testosterone levels are higher in the mornings, which means all the more enjoyment and energy for you. And three, morning sex helps the body produce more oxytocin and endorphins, which means a happier, more satisfied you

When You are Coming Down with a Cold!

One way to prevent a cold from progressing is to have sex. The reason why sex works so well with people with cold symptoms is that it warms up the body and helps boost your metabolism, too!

Two Weeks through Period

Having sex two weeks after your partner has had her period is a great way to guarantee her an orgasm of a lifetime. Namely, two weeks into period the clitoris swells and engorges, meaning it is more sensitive and gives you the chance for proper stimulation.


You’re back from the gym? Great, hit the bed and have yourself a hot little sex adventure! After working out, the body produces high levels of testosterone and energy, which means you will impress your partner with endurance, performance and insatiable post-workout desire.


Did you just watch a horror movie? Did you get scared in real life? One of the best ways to make use of the fright is to have sex. With your senses on edge and your adrenaline pumping, feeling scared will only add quality to your sex life!

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/g19529753/best-times-to-have-sex/?slide=7

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