Spicy Sex Tips to Try In Isolation!

One of the major questions that surfaced in light of the lockdown is whether you can have sex at home or not. The truth is if there is no reason to believe you or your partner are exposed to the virus, and if you stick to all precautionary measures advised, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy sex during isolation.

As you are already stuck at home all day long, you can boost your sex performance by trying all those things you never thought of in a while. Can’t think of anything original? we’ll present fun and Sex Tips to Try In Isolation light your fire in a split second!

Sex Tips to Try In Isolation: Dry Humping!

Remember dry-humping? If you are extra cautious during the outbreak, you can engage in some steamy dry humping and keep the spark alive. Dry humping can be done in more than one way, meaning you don’t have to stick to the lap-against-lap scenario, but can expand your options. How about using each other’s hands?

A Cock Ring!

Begin foreplay early in the day and wear a cock ring to boost your pleasure before having actual sex. A cock ring can be a regular one or a vibrating one, depending on what you can endure. If you want to share the pleasure building with your partner, have her join you by putting a set of vibrating panties on.

Sex Tips to Try In Isolation: Self-Care!

Just like you enjoy sex, you should also enjoy taking care of your intimate areas. Don’t waste your time at home doing nothing, and spend an hour of grooming, shaving, and maintaining. Hydrate your skin, wear your best underwear and learn how to feel good in your own skin, in your bed and out of it.

A Sex Show!

If you want to impress your partner, turn your bedroom or bathroom into the sexiest spa. Prepare essential oils for massage, collect your favorite toys for stimulation and if you are feeling extra giving, do a little strip show for your partner.

Sex Tips to Try In Isolation: Nipple Clamps!

Nipples clamps work great for men and women, meaning you can use them during your solo sessions as well. And why the heck not? Nipple clamps come in many varieties and can amplify your and your partner’s orgasms.

Wear a leash!

Is BDSM your thing? Spending your time at home can be a great way to boost your BDSM foreplay, and all you need for it is a leash. Have your partner wear one for a day, and then switch roles the next, thus enjoying both ends of the experience.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a47073/cosmos-50-best-sex-tips-ever/

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