5 Ways Regular Sex Keeps You Healthy!

Aside from pleasure and excitement, maintaining a regular sex life is also crucial for your health. The benefits of sex are aplenty, beginning from your physical to your emotional and finally, mental health. When you skip having sex, however, your body and mind respond unfavorably, which can then lead to several health problems.

So, how does sex enhance our overall health?

Here are 5 ways in which a Regular Sex Keeps You Healthy helps you being your best self.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression!

Sex might not be a cure for depression or anxiety, but it can certainly reduce symptoms of the two. When having sex, the body releases feel-good hormones and chemicals, which serve as a temporary relief from anxiety and depression. By practicing regular sex, you can expect a surge of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin in the body, meaning you’ll feel better, stay focused, and bond with your partner. 

Regular Sex Keeps You Healthy: Keeps Stress Out of Your Body

Just like sex helps with regulating anxiety and depression, it also keeps your number one enemy, stress, at bay. You know this for yourself, sex can really help get your mind off things and reduce the triggers that leave you stressed. To alleviate the stress levels in your life, it is recommended you practice mindful sex, focusing on every pleasurable sensation moving through you. Ah, so different and so much better.

Serves as an Exercise!

While not a proper workout, sex does burn your calories and keeps your cardiac health in check. Sex, together with intimacy and pleasure, is a mighty tool that also counts as a light exercise. Typically, to harvest its fruits, you should have around 25-minutes of pleasurable sex, which will burn you up to 100 calories. If you are in for the intensity, switching positions during sex can do your physical shape an even bigger favor.

Regular Sex Keeps You Healthy: Sleep!

Sleeping problems can affect your sex life tremendously, and not in a good way. While an irregular sleeping pattern can impair your overall lifestyle, having regular sex can help you sleep better. If you are struggling with sleeping right or regularly, try having sex before you hit the bed, and feel the difference the morning after.

Scientifically Proven Booster of Well-Being!

If you never thought sex could fix your overall wellbeing, you are wrong. Although sex remains unexplored to a degree, science confirms that couples who have regular (and hot!) sex, have greater longevity, a higher sense of self and fulfillment. Yeah, I’ll just leave this right here.

Source: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/6-ways-sex-is-good-for-your-health/

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