7 Sex-friendly Products to Help You Last Longer!

Let’s be honest, every man would love to last just a tad longer in bed. Interestingly, the gist for enduring during sex happens whether there is an issue with premature ejaculation or not. Well, thanks to the modern-day sex revolution, now there are more sex endurance boosters than ever before.

That said, here are 7 gentlemen-approved products to help you last longer in bed.


It is true, some types of lubricants can delay ejaculation and keep your erection in place. Lubricant is great to use anyway, especially when you want a slide-and-glide experience. Moreover, if you want to make sure your sex sessions are extended in time, consider trying a thick(er) lube, thus avoiding friction and having control over stimulation.

Delay Spray!

Another great product that enables you to last longer in bed is a delay spray. Available online and in sex shops near you, these endurance sprays work with numbing your genitals just enough to make the pleasure last.

Delay Gels!

If sprays don’t sound like your kind of product, you can also try delay gels. Water-based and disinfecting in its properties, delay gels can also work as endurance booster and a regular lubricant.

Herbal Supplements!

Yes, natural ingredients can do wonders for your sex endurance. Herbs, to be exact, are a natural booster of sexual thrill and endurance, so consider combining a few potent ones, such as Siberian ginseng, maca, resveratrol, as well as zinc and magnesium-rich herbs.

Thicker Protection!

I know you love your thin condoms, the ones that let you feel everything. However, if endurance in bed is your goal, then thicker condoms are your best friends. Yes, you might lose some genuine sensation during sex, but then, you will also last longer.

Extended Pleasure Condoms!

Another type of condoms that control your sexual performance are extended-pleasure condoms. These usually contain a layer of numbing spray which can delay your orgasm. At the same time, extended pleasure condoms are lubricated on the inside, so you don’t miss out on the arousal.

Plan G!

If none of the aforementioned products seem to do the trick for you, you can always stick to the good ole’ solutions. Such are EMLA creams, which offer topical numbing and boost your serotonin levels. That said, your doctor is the only one who can prescribe these creams, so you’ll have to make an appointment.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/uk/sex/a759670/last-longer-in-bed-best-sex-products/

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