4 Erotic Positions for Stimulating the G-Spot!

Ah, the famous G-spot and the pleasure it gives!

Considered one of the most intense erogenous zones in women, the G-spot is located a few inches inside the vaginal opening and responds tremendously to stimulation. However, as the G-spot is differently located in different women, a little exploration with various sex positions is needed.

If you want to ensure your partner’s sexual exhilaration and pleasure, here are 4 sex positions to help you Stimulating the G-Spot to perfection. 

Stimulating the G-Spot: Leapfrog!

A variation of the known doggy style position, the leapfrog allows deeper penetration and massages the G-spot with great effects. Similar to doggy style, the position requires the woman to get on all fours, while the man comes from behind, positioned between her legs. In the leapfrog, however, the woman lowers her torso all the way to the bed, arching her back and propping her butt in the air.

The Seated Scissors!

The seated scissors position is a great way to activate the delicate G-spot muscles and find a new angle of penetration. For the position, the man lies back on the bed with his legs parted, while the woman straddles him from above. However, unlike in the reverse cowgirl position, in the seated scissors position the woman entangles her legs with the man’s, placing them on each side of his torso.

Stimulating the G-Spot: The Butterfly!

Perfect for experimenting and stimulating the G-spot, the Butterfly is a groundbreaking position that works like a charm. For it, you’ll need to find a hard surface, like a table or a higher bed. The woman lies back and pops her feet on one of the man’s shoulders, while also lifting her butt off the ground.

The same position can be done in a bed, but height, in this case, can be quite beneficial as it enables smoother and easier penetration.

Afternoon Delight!

To properly stimulate the G-spot, you will need to keep experimenting with finding the right angle and rhythm. Enter the Afternoon Delight position. Here, the man lies back on the bed with his knees pulled up and his feet resting on the mattress. The woman lies on top of the man, her body turned sideways, almost forming a plus.

For extra comfort, the woman can lie all the way back and onto the man, or pop on her elbows, thus controlling the tempo and hitting the spot just right.

Source: https://www.kinkly.com/2/1043/sex-tips/passion-play/the-5-best-sex-positions-to-make-her-orgasm

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