4 Most Common Sex Fears, and How to Overcome Them

Sex fears are common, but not always as discussed or helped. Sexual intimacy is not intimidating by itself but can be a matter of concern to many. Whether we are talking performance issues, loss of stamina or simply the fear of being disliked in bed, their unnecessary issues are the work of your subconsciousness.

Even more, most of the worries you have regarding sex are quite common, meaning many are like-minded but decide to roll with the punch.

To avoid beating around the bushes here are the 4 most common sex fears that are oftentimes suppressed.  

1. Fear of Boredom

For those who really appreciate the art of sex, there is the lingering question of whether it will all be enough to last. The truth is, no one likes having boring sex, and therefore, no one likes being seen as the boring one. While it is a completely valid point to have, dreading over it won’t help things, but learning a few new moves might.

2. Fear of Failing to Satisfy

Here’s another of the major problems that people deal with in sex, the fear of not being able to sexually please your partner. Sometimes, the reason can be as absurd as having a mood swing, and other times things just don’t go as planned. But, that doesn’t mean you are incapable of making someone orgasm. Unless you are uninterested in learning, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make your goal work. Even more important, before you can give pleasure, make sure you find some of your own first.

3. Fear of Intimacy

This is more of an emotional problem, but that doesn’t make fear of intimacy any less relevant. Many people imagine the best sex of their lives but simply cannot go through it, for various reasons. Nonetheless, in some cases, even if physical intimacy is reached, the emotional closeness is still there. And to get over that bridge, you’ll need a supportive and patient partner, who doesn’t mind a slow burner.

4. Fear of Being Yourself

On various occasions, we’ll settle for basically any decent form of sex, despite it bot being what we wanted. The fear of not being able to vocalize your needs and be as free in bed as you want to can be limiting. To prevent this, it is always good to discuss other pleasurable ideas with whoever is in your bed or find someone who can correlate to your kinks and likes.

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/debunking-myths-the-mind/201008/7-common-hidden-fears-about-sex

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