Naughty Valentines Day Ideas to Revive the Lust!

When was the last time you had an extra sexy Valentine’s Day? Yes, I know, Valentine’s is all about the romance and appreciation, but it is also about rediscovering that chemistry in bed and finding your long-lost intimacy.

Especially if you are in a long-term relationship, sex can get boring. But, to spice it up just in time for the day of lovers, here are 5 Naughty Valentines Day ideas to get you there.

Public Role-Play!

Role-playing is fun, mysterious and always full of surprises! Best of all, role-playing can be done just about anywhere and doesn’t require getting in the nude. To set the tone for your Valentine’s Day date, begin your night with a little role-play at the bar. Feel free to be whoever you want for the night: a lonesome policeman, a mysterious business in town for a very important meeting, or a popular athlete looking for some fun.

Visit a Strip Club Together!

Strip clubs are fun! If you happen to have a curious partner, this scenario will be the perfect setting for your after-dinner plans. Don’t rush getting to the bedroom, but set the tone with a few drinks and perhaps a private lap dance (for both!). Should your partner be as open-minded to the idea as you are, you can count on one raunchy Valentine’s Day ahead!

Naughty Valentines Day: Strip Poker!

Ah, strip poker! Who doesn’t love a card game in the nude, right? You don’t have to be experts to play it, but you can definitely turn the heat up by taking one piece of clothing with each lost game. For a variation (or after you take all your clothes off), you can add a few extra (and hot!) challenges to the game, whether it is oral sex, dirty talking or everything in between!

Hot Yoga!

Okay, you might not be a fan of yoga, but aero yoga is considered one of the sexiest versions of the practice. Even if to just clear your mind, engage in at least half an hour of couple yoga, touching and feeling your partner out while she does exactly the same. If traditional toga for two bores you, add a bit of zest to the game and do it in the nude.

Naughty Valentines Day: An Afternoon Delight!

Got a longer lunch break? Take an hour of your time to book a hotel room and spend an hour of your afternoon rolling between the sheets. Aside from the excitement factor, an afternoon sex invitation will undoubtedly leave your partner appreciating the saucy Valentine’s Day gesture.


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