How to Master the Art of Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is nothing like any other type of sex you enjoy. In tantric sex, the goal is to achieve a spiritual, erotic, and physical awareness in yourself and your partner. Because of that, tantric sex relies on exploration, patience and taking things slow. Rumor has it, tantric erotica hides the biggest secrets to mind-blowing orgasms, sex positions, and intimacy.

So, how to do it right?

In a two-piece blog, we’ll try to sum up useful tips and techniques to help you get your sexy, tantric journey on the road. Ready?

Tantric Sex: Meditation!

You’d might find it surprising to learn that mastering the art of tantric sex has a lot to do with mediation. Most practitioners take 10-15 minutes of extensive meditation to get themselves ready for a hot date ahead. Some of the useful tips to follow in this case include:

  • Breathe through your stomach for 10-15, engaging the lower back and checking the erotic mind.
  • Do a quick stretch of the limbs and let go of any stress triggers.
  • Journal your meditation practices, focusing on important, erotic aspects.

Tantric Sex: The Space!

In tantric practices, having the ideal space for it matters. To make sure your space is everything you need for a hot date, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Keep your room temperature moderate, instead of too high or too low.
  • Light up some candles for additional sensuality and allure.
  • Use a pleasant scent, whether it is an essential oil, an aromatic candle or burn sticks.
  • Add blankets and cushions to your space, to make it more sexual and comfortable.
  • Finally, play some soft, sensual music to get the right mood going.

A Moment of Your Own!

Before getting into tantric sex with a partner, try doing the practice on your own, thus learning more about your sexuality and needs. To do this, try the following:

  • Practice a self-massage all over the body. Play with rhythm, tempo, and exploration using an essential oil, and explore the hidden spots of your body that react well to erotic stimulation.
  • Masturbate without aiming for an orgasm. Try to explore what feels good and what doesn’t, and make it all about the pleasure instead of the release. As a bonus, try to engage in self-edging to prolong your endurance and satisfaction.
  • Whatever your self-pleasure practice entails, keep it rhythmic and paced, always keeping in tune with how your body reacts to self-touch.
  • Don’t shield from your inhibitions or hidden desires. After all, you’re all alone, with no one to judge you.

Ready to become the best tantric lover to your partner? Stay tuned, as we’ll discuss the ins and outs of tantric sex in our next blog!


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