4 Sex Positions for When You Want HER in Charge!

You don’t have to be a fan of femdom to appreciate a woman in charge. In terms of sex, allowing your partner to dominate is a great way to let loose and enjoy the sexy ride ahead. Women, on the other hand, are always open to presenting new ways of acquiring sexual pleasure and want to take control more often than you might think.

Heck, even if you are having a lazy day, giving your woman full access to your body and physical pleasure can really pay off. To get you on the right track, here are 4 sex positions that put your woman on top of your sexual satisfaction.

The Lotus

This position is a great way to pack up on the intimacy and sexiness with your woman leading the show. To get into the Lotus position, have a seat on the bed, cross your legs, and allow your partner to come on top of you for penetration. Straddled up and at her mercy, the position enables a greater intimacy and full access to her breasts, lips, and butt.

The Waterfall

For this position, lie back on the bed, with your head and half your torso hanging from its edge. With your crotch and legs still on the bed, let your partner climb atop of you, with her legs, pulled to her sides instead of widespread. Perfect for clitoral stimulation and total domination, the position is anything but dull.

The Arch

Now, here’s one for the books. If you are more flexible, instead of using a prop, get into a bridge position (like you do in yoga) and support your frame on your feet and palms, head hanging backward. The woman comes on top, her feet on the ground, and directing the intensity and tempo of penetration. If flexibility is an issue, you can do the exact same thing by using a chair and stretching your frame against it.

The Horizontal

To really get the gist out of being pampered, lie flat on your back, ideally on a bed. Spread your legs a bit just so your partner can position herself in reverse cowgirl. Once there, let her extend both her legs towards your head, with her butt popped in the air and moving for your pleasure. If you want to be controlled entirely, have your partner lock her elbows underneath your knees, thus leaving you at her mercy.

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