4 Date Tips Your Escort Wants You to Know!

Dating an escort is one of the most exclusive, satisfying, and pleasurable experiences you can have. The regular dating world seems to be in a sort of a halt, so you can count on her to keep you great company. Even so, many clients who enjoy dating escorts can sometimes feel their nerves betraying them. Well, although there is a certain discomfort in meeting your escort for the first time, there is absolutely nothing to dread about it.

According to escorts, clients who really want to enjoy themselves during their date have to approach the date from a totally different perspective. That said, here are 4 first-date secrets your escort wants you to know.

1. You Can Relax With Your Escort!

And I mean really relax. Escorts are professional ladies who don’t mind taking the lead during your first date, so why not let them? A VIP escort knows how to please you, tease you and pamper you, so there is no need to pressure yourself into fulfilling anyone’s expectations. The best way to have a blast on your date is to breathe out, relax, and just go with the flow.   

2. All the Kinks!

A survey shows that women, escorts included, love playing with light bondage and other similar kinks. Of course, if your escort is up for it as well, you can definitely discuss kinks you want to try, thus ensuring a versatile, exciting and refreshingly new tryst. Kinks come in all shapes and forms, so don’t hesitate to use a belt for bondage or a blindfold when going ’down below’ on your date.

3. Try Foreplay First With Your Escort!

Escorts, much like women in general, love foreplay, and doing a proper one will earn you extra points as a lover and a client. According to a related study, good foreplay tops other pleasures women appreciate, including oral sex, kinks, and dirty talking. In addition, the study showed that when doing foreplay you should keep it dynamic, so use a little bit of everything: kisses, touches, rubs, strokes, etc.

4. On Your Best Behavior!

Escorts will always approach you with kindness, understanding, support, and respect. In turn, they expect the same from you. If you want to spend a great date with an escort, don’t feel entitled to a good time just because you ‘paid for it’. With that kind of thinking you will likely have a horrible time on your date. Instead, head into your date with solid gentleman manners and show your date you appreciate her company and services. 

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19540897/golden-age-of-sex/

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