How to Keep a Low Profile during an Online Escort Date?

Online escort dates or services come in two forms – video calls or phone calls. No matter which service you choose, online dating can be an innovative way to keep in touch with your escort and keep the flow of your dates alive and kicking. Now, one of the most important things in orchestrating the perfect online escort date is privacy and discretion. Namely, keeping your date low-key online can be a pesky task to manage, given the numerous exposure opportunities looming on the web. To ensure no one can track you down and that you can still enjoy your date as booked, here are a few things to do to keep an online date with an escort private and trackless.

1. Phone History

If you are opting for a phone call date, there are various things to know. One, you might want to delete your phone call history once your date is finished. Also, you may also want to use a private number setting so your call is not traceable on your records. Another thing to consider is to use a separate phone and phone number, one that will only be intended for the purpose of talking to your escort. Keep in mind that it’s never wise to use your work phone number as an alternative as it may show the call costs on your records.

2. Browser History

In case you choose a video call escort date, pay close attention to your browser and its settings. For one, if you are out of the country, you might have to use a VPN as an additional safety measure, especially if you don’t know the country's laws. Also, clearing your browser history is important, as it won’t leave any trace or cache of your call. Choosing a suitable app is also an option to consider, as many apps nowadays ensure full protection and discretion of their users.

3. Watchful Eyes

Being seen in public with an escort might get you in trouble especially if you are trying to stay low-key. If your escort date is an affair to keep behind closed doors, perhaps you want to choose services like an incall or an outcall. Avoid public or too crowded places as well, where you might come across some acquaintances. Even if that happens, your escort will be courteous enough and leave you to the conversation without making anything obvious.

4. No Boasting

No matter how cool you might think that boasting about dating an escort is, it is always one of the biggest mistakes you can make in terms of your privacy. Your escort is never the one to kiss and tell so be polite enough to return the favor, keep your affairs out of the spotlight, and thus maximize your anonymity.

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