Types of Formal Events Escorts Can Meet You For

Hand in hand with services such as the GFE, overnights, and travel dates, corporate escort dates are also a favourite among clients. Business clients will usually book an escort for a related event because they need to have a plus-one and still haven't found one, or simply because they enjoy being seen in the company of a fine lady.

Now, there are various formal events, not just business ones, that you might want to attend in an escort's company. To get a better picture of what's offered, here are the formal date types you can book an escort for.

Types of Formal Occasions an Escort Can Accompany You To

  • Birthday celebrations. Though a semi-formal event, sometimes, your boss might decide to gather the team and treat them to something nice for his or the company's birthday. Also, you have family birthday celebrations, which can be a bust if you show up alone and ready to answer annoying questions on your relationship status. So, taking an escort can be the perfect birthday plus-one to take with you.
  • Office parties. Again, office parties are a known thing among businessmen, and these often require coupling up. If you need someone to keep you superb company throughout the event and make the party a bit lighter, an escort's service comes highly recommended.
  • Travel business events. Yes, you can even invite an escort to come joy you on business even when travelling out of the city. Be it for a day, a week or a few hours even, escorts will gladly travel alongside you to ensure you get to your business occasion in style.
  • Weddings and celebrations. If you are a date short for New Year's or you need someone to accompany you to a colleague's or a family wedding, escorts are the utmost formal date to book.
  • Business luncheons. Sometimes, it just so happens that your business team is coupling up for a demi-casual business lunching. If asked to bring a date, trust VIP escorts to provide you with a superb service designated for the occasion.

What to Consider Before You Booking?

  • When attending a formal event with an escort, ensure you let her know the time, duration and exact location of the happening.
  • While at it, let your escort date know if there is a certain dress code she should keep in mind. There are various levels of formal attire, so ensure you know the vibe beforehand.
  • Discretion still counts. If you bing an escort to any formal event, she will never leave the impression that she has been hired by you. Instead, you will get genuine communication, real enjoyment and natural chemistry that will ensure your night goes seamlessly!